Uncertainty Seminars:

There There

9 — 9 October 2021

Experimental walking tour through The Hague: Friday 8 October
Public event with performance, talks and video programme at Stroom Den Haag: Saturday 9 October 16:00h (on location and livestream online)

Over the past years, previously conventional notions of distance have been significantly distorted, transformed, and overhauled. The sudden rise of video conferencing apps have attempted to bring about an affective retreat into screens over physical presence.

This edition of US takes its title from Gertrude Stein’s exclamation on her return to Oakland in 1933: “There is no there, there….” The place that existed in memory, which is still factually there, is in such a state of transformation that the place thought of is in fact no longer in existence. Distance can be felt, a subjective and affective dimension; over and above, the measurement of distance that has long been hailed as the most ‘objective’ - the Mercator projection - is an effective distortion of distance that centers and magnifies Europe on any image of the globe.

Artists have long challenged representations of distance depicting the world. Feminist cartographies, speculative mapping, challenge these rational, instrumental representations and can contribute to seeing the world differently. This edition of Uncertainty Seminars presents unusual methods to bridge physical, figurative, and metaphorical distances.


Stroom Den Haag
Hogewal 1-9
2514 HA Den Haag
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