Uncertainty Seminars:

Feel the Space Breathing
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Uncertainty Seminars: Feel The Space Breathing is a 'slow' and open way of tapping into urgent questions around public space, the fluidity of urban structures, and informal use of the city. We're thinking about the meaning of access and non-access, and ways in which it is or is not visible where important events have taken place; ways in which we, places, architectures, breathe in and out and through these spaces.

Despite the vastness and complexity of this question, this gathering was small and intimate. It is an alibi to open up several strands of research in which various concerns, interests and collaborations merge with Stroom's DNA as an organization that's been working around questions of art in relation to the public space for three decades. Mostly, we focused on the ‘present': how current affairs have defined certain (in)visible elements in public structures and space. But also how some of these spaces have become part of 'current affairs' and politics themselves.

Our aims of the meet-up were to connect different people working from a close affinity with these questions, to open a conversation about ways in which everyone's practice is fused by unfolding events in the present-day. And thereby, to map the most urgent questions in the realm of inclusivity and the city, making space for difference, appropriation of the public space, and lived experience of and in a city.

curated by: Ilga Minjon & Radna Rumping
design: The Rodina


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